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At NP Guide, we offer CV and resume services, free live lectures on Fridays, and student resources. Click the button below to find links to all that NPG has to offer. (Pssst, there are a few coupon codes there right now, too!) You can also contact Emily Lane through this button if you have any questions!


"SO beneficial"

Cassie T.

"I just took your Primary Care Course. I felt it was wonderful and very helpful. I wanted to say thank you and I appreciate you doing this as it is SO beneficial!"


Cheryl E.

"Emily is very knowledgeable and is easy to follow."

"Awesome. She is excellent and knowledgeable."

Michelle E.

"She is very prepared with her review, and very knowledgeable about the content being delivered. Very highly recommend! I would tell anyone who is looking to get ready for the NP exam to seek her out."

"Very knowledgeable"

Winnie T.

"Emily has explained everything clearly to me and saved me so much time from studying and memorizing information. She has really easy way to understand and remember information."


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